Parking While Moving

If the moving truck has to park on a major street in a downtown area, you better check the parking signs and laws.

In the picture below, in Atlanta, on Juniper Street outside of the Tuscany Condo complex, the parking sign says there is no parking Mon to Fri from 6:30a to 9:30a and from 3:30p to 6:30p. That gives you a 6 hour window between 9:30a and 3:30p. Since most professional movers prefer to start between 8 & 9:00am, they are not going to be able to park then at this convenient place on the curb. If it is an afternoon job, then they might start at 1:00pm and be looking to unload around 4pm. Also “Not a Go” if the unloading will be done at this curb.

And I don’t recommend “Risking It.” Cities are hard-up for cash, and they are looking hard for opportunities to fine you $250 — the going rate for a parking ticket at this location in Atlanta.

There are only a few ways around this problem:

1) Park somewhere else. At this “Tuscany” complex a moving truck can actually go inside the security gate to park. Often it is not as convenient access, but it is not bad.

2) Plan it so the truck is only parked within that six hour window. If loading there, you will have to start after 9:30. If unloading, the movers will have to be finished before 3:30p, or they may have to come back the next day.

3) Do the move Saturday or Sunday.