Mice and Rats in Non Climate-Controlled Storage

For a customer, this weekend we loaded from their non-climate controlled storage unit to their rental truck.  Their household goods had been in the storage unit FOR SIX YEARS !!!
Even though there was no sign of water in the storage unit, and no food—there were many RAT OR MICE DROPPINGS ON THE FLOOR THROUGOUT THE UNIT!  Furthermore, a leather sofa—which for some reason another Moving Mompany had left in the storage unit unpadded—HAD BEEN CHEWED BY THE RATS OR MICE!  There were only very small holes in the walls.  It would seem like mice could not fit through those holes, but they obviously did.
This seems to “give the lie” to my previous argument that non-climate controlled storage is plenty safe, but it’s definitely a matter of how long the items are left in storage!
“Ranking of Items Based on Increasingly Vulnerability to Non-Climate Controlled Storage”

1) Metal Desks, File Cabinets, File Cabinets: Would probably fare pretty well in a nuclear attack as long as simply hit by the radiation and not the fireball or shock wave.  Rats will not eat them, and air moisture will not be absorbed into them.
2) Wood Furniture: Expands and Contracts with changing temperature, and a certain amount of moisture flows through without damage.  Should not be shrink-wrapped while in storage, because when water does get on the furniture, the shrink-wrap will hold it there!
3) Upholstery: The “Archilles Tendon” of non-climate controlled stored furniture.  It is sensitive to moisture, and rats and mice like to chew on them.  Should not be shrink-wrapped while in storage.  Should be Quilt-Padded!