Moving a Washer Named “Herbert”

Detrick moving front-loading washer
This is a picture of employee, Detrick Scott, rolling a monster front-loading washer down the hall from the customer's unit in the mid-rise complex, “The Savoy” in Chamblee, GA. The customer actually named the washer "Herbert" and its matching dryer, "Eunice"–don't ask! But women love these things, and they say they get clothers cleaner than do the standard top-loading washers.

They're much more sensitive to moving than top-loading washers. With front-loading, you're supposed to be install special stabilizing brackets in the back of the machines. The machines are supposed to come with them when they're new, but guess what–they often don't. We haven't had a damage claim yet on these front-loaders, but it's a "knock-on-wood" situation.