Ramp for Stair Steps


Just a couple stair steps into and out of a house, can really throw off your rhythm or even result in damages or injury. How much easier it is when you have a ramp like this to take out the steps!

In the last month we have comfortably rolled two large studio pianos over this ramp which would have been a b**** to move one step at a time. It is also much easier and quicker to roll–say 200 boxes–up and down this ramp, than to negotiate stair steps each time.

The downside to this ramp is it is rather large and bulky to be truly “portable.” I’m going to check out the lighter “Stair Step Ramps” that you see on the interstate tractor trailers.

An excellent place by the way–to purchase either kind of ramp is at N & N Moving Supplies

Moving in the Snow

In Atlanta we don’t usually have to do moves in the snow. But last month was an exception. On a day when all the schools were closed, and most of the city was shutdown, we were able to get this house loaded even with snow and ice on the ground.

The customer sprinkled salt on the front porch, and we had a strip of plywood to lay over the snow–see below. As long as we loaded most of the items through the side-door, and not through the rear door where we had to use the ramp, then we were okay.

But though the load was successful, we weren’t able to unload at Storage–see picture. The ice made the storage roadway impassable. We had to leave the items on the truck for a few days, and wait for the “big melt.”