“Bass Lofts” in “Little Five Points”

Grooving with the Frieks in Little Five Points

Grooving with the Frieks in Little Five Points

We moved a customer into the ”
Bass Lofts
” today on Euclid Ave. It is the old “William Bass Junior High School” which was built in the 1920s. Our customer had us go in from the south side of the building. There is a parking lot with a “Circle” at the end. A sign says “No Parking in the Circle,” but there were about seven cars parked there.  With the cars parked there, you can still drive a car around the circle, but not the Moving Truck.

We made an awkward turn-around and were able to get the truck in a decent place without tearing down too many branches. There was still about a 125 foot walk to the stairs (four stone steps) going up to the double-doors going into the building. This was a small one-bedroom move, and we completed it in two hours, but only because we had three men, and plenty four-wheel dollies and a speed-pack. A speed-pack is a very large box you can put on a four-wheel dolly and load up with small items like chairs and lamps and loose items. You can then roll all those items down the long hallways and into the elevator.

Our customer was pleased and gave us each a tip.  It was neat to see the old building, and the displays with school pictures from the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Four-Wheel Dolly,
Four-Wheel Dolly, “Chicago” Style