“A Graduated Move”

A customer is doing a graduated move from one house to another, first just moving her home office. She thought she could move the small stuff herself, and get some friends to help her move the big stuff. I would like to ask her questions at this point which are really too blunt for polite sales conversation. I would like to say,”You and your husband are in your fifties. You’re a Commercial Realtor; He’s an Attorney. You’re moving to Habersham Way. Just how many friends do you have you are able and willing to carry heavy file cabinets, desks, and armoires down the stairs at the first house and up the stairs at the second house?”

And one of the reasons you’re moving to a million dollar-plus showpiece home in Buckhead, is to impress your friends and colleagues. How impressed are they going to be if you con them into carrying your heavy furniture?

She first hired us to do a 2 & ½ hour minimum move, moving just the heavy furniture in her office. But then had us move the whole office and some other furniture as well. I’ll be going back to quote box-packing and moving the remainder of her home.