Moving Senior Citizens to “Independent Living”

Last week we moved a couple in their eighties who’ve been living in a Tucker ranch house for thirty-four years. We moved them to a much smaller retirement-oriented cluster home in Woodstock. A Mover is not privy to all the reasons for such a move, but they might include: Avoiding expensive repairs on an old house; Not having to maintain yards; Cashing Out their equity to use that money in their final years; And to be close to children and grandchildren. But what we are privy to is how to deliver a smooth, cost-effective, and even enjoyable move.

We used two trucks and six men to finish the move within seven hours, because older people cannot tolerate long moving days. We provided more “handholding” than we would for younger customers. We did not one, but two surveys beforehand—-the second one being the day before the move. We enjoy working with older customers, and this one showed us a German Luger he took off a German in World War II. If you know some gateopeners who work with people in their eighties, let them know about our service.