The “Dishpack” Box

You’ve seen this box, the Dishpack box.  Many people are confused by its large size.  They ask, when it’s packed with dishes, won’t it be too heavy?  The dishpack box has a different strategy than the smaller boxes you have seen.  The smaller boxes can be hand-carried a ways.  The dishpack box is designed for very minimal hand-carrying or lifting.  It is designed to be rolled on a box hand-truck from the kitchen to the truck, and then maybe only lifted on top of another dishpack box when it is placed into a tier on the truck.

The real identifying characteristic of the dishpack box is its thickness.  Its cardboard is double-thick.  When packing fragile kitchen items in this box—properly and with lots of newsprint and bubble-wrap, it is almost impossible to break them.

In fifteen years of moving, I’ve experienced all types of claims, but we have never had a claim for a broken dish or glass which we packed in a dishpack box.
If your clients want to learn more about dishpack boxes, or how we can make their moves easier, have them call us.