“Georgetown of Atlanta”

3069 Colonial Way, Atlanta, GA 30341

Georgetown of Atlanta: 3069 Colonial Way, Atlanta, GA 30341

We moved a woman out of “Georgetown of Atlanta” this morning. They are relatively small, inexpensive condos, and townhouses along the east side of Interstate 85, north of Shallowford, and south of Chamblee Tucker Rd.

Our customer has an old, professional-quality exercise treadmill from the 1980s! She said she paid $6000 for it! On most treadmills designed for the home, the vertical portion will fold so you can move it. With this one, the vertical portion was fixed, and we had to use maneuvering tricks and most of the strength of three men to get it down the stairs. Our crew did it though, and with no damage to either the floor or walls.

We put all the stuff in storage for her at Safeguard Storage on Chestnut Road. Later we hope to be able to help her move it to Florida.