Door Threshold Protection While Moving

For some reason, customers are more concerned about Door Threshold protection than they used to be. I went 19 years in the moving business before a customer asked me about it, and the moving equipment supply house person says he has just started getting asked for door threshold protection products. He didn’t have any yet for Movers, so I improvised by using the masonite sheets below which happened to be already cut to fit in a doorway. This was fortunate for us since our other masonite sheets are either 4 feet by 4 feet, or 4 feet by 8 feet–too wide for a doorway.

A handyman friend, Jay Glenn, of “House Handy”, said you can trim standard 4 foot wide masonite sheets to fit a doorway by cutting it down to size with a circular saw. Before sawing, tape the edge to be be sawed in order to minimize fraying.

In the picture below, there are two masonite sheets lying on top of one another. This is the preferred method, because:

1) The two sheets together stand up better to the weight of walking and rolling handtrucks over them, and

2) You can probably get away without having to tape the the edges to the floor.

The first go-around with this method, we wanted to protect two different door thresholds and only had two correctly sized masonite sheets, so we only used one per doorway and had to tape them to the floor. Using tape on hardwood floors is generally a no-no, so we tried blue “Painter’s Tape.” Too late, I learned–also from Jay Glenn-that there are three levels of adhesiveness to blue painter’s tape. You want to use the least adhesive type of painter’s tape, or else it will take some finish off of the hardwood–not a good thing! But better yet, have two sheets of masonite on top of one another, and dispense with the need for taping them down altogether!