“Just Say No to Letting Your Clients Move Themselves”

Don’t let your clients do it. Don’t let them move themselves. Don’t let this happen: All night box-packing frenzies. Slipped disks in weekend warrior backs. Scratched antiques; Broken mirrors; Hardwood Floors dented. Armoires falling off pickup trucks onto I-285.

When your clients say they will move themselves. Just say “NO.” Just say “No” to spouses screaming at each other; to friends and relatives not showing up on Saturday morning; to fighting with the surly U-Haul people; to wrestling with their ancient trucks. To wondering whether it was worth it to get that new house if they have put up with the torture of enduring packing and moving 11,000 pounds of household goods, when your client has neither the time; the back; the help; the equipment; the patience; the desire, or the will to do.

Just say “No” to all that. Say “Yes” to them calling “McGregor Moving.” To a professional, cost-effective move, which we’ve done for 15 years.

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