Moving Golf Bags


Some people are golf fanatics that play twice a week or more, and some have basically stored their clubs in the garage long-term. As a mover, it helps to know which kind of client you have.

When I used to play golf seriously (in High School), I would not have wanted anyone else banging and moving around my clubs, and as a mover, I hope that the real golf aficionado moves his own clubs. But even the serious golfer may need the mover to move the clubs. The mover is there to provide the moving service, and the client may have multiple golf bags to be moved. I am curious what level of protection is used when moving Tiger Woods’ clubs and other PGA members. I cannot even tell you the standard procedure for transporting golf clubs in an airplane, though I recall seeing fitted corners that go over the top of the bag. I would be interested in comments on the different levels of protection when flying golf clubs on an airline.

Below is how I wrapped a client’s golf clubs.


Putting golf bags in a Wardrobe box would add another level of protection.

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