“Hard Factors” and “Soft Factors”

After I survey your client’s home, or office to be moved, I Design a Move for them based on what I call the “Hard Factors” and the “Soft Factors.”  Hard Factors are quantitative and involve the inanimate realities such as the furniture, boxes, crates and  access issues at the origin and destination.  From these raw variables I determine the number of total man-hours required, and what will be the best mix of trucks and Moving Equipment.

The “Soft Factors” are human factors: I have general questions such as: What is the customer like? Emotional Type “A” or Type“B”?  How did they find out about us?  What is their experience with Movers?  What are their expectations from the Movers?  And then more specifically: Is the scheduled move contingent on a Closing or Closings?  Are they more worried about money, furniture, time, doing tedious physical work themselves, or something else?  Based on the hard and soft factors for your client’s specific case, I design the most efficient and ultimately satisfying move for them.

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