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Extreme Truck Packing

December 4, 2013

When you’re loading a truck, do you sometimes get to the end of the truck and find you’re out of truck space? I hate that. But when you have exceeded the limits–how about INCREASING THE LIMITS? Sometimes you can do that.

In the first picture below there is a bulky trundle bed frame tied

    on the outside of the closed door.

You need to have some sort of small platform at the end of the truck in order to do this. Some trucks do not have it, but the majority of trucks do, as does this one as you can see in the picture. There is about a 12 inch platform where you can stand and close the door, or in this case, tie excess inventory on the back!

"Wasn't That Supposed To Be Inside The Truck?"

“Wasn’t That Supposed To Be Inside The Truck?”

Needless to say, you want to have the item tied on tight. You don’t want it falling off on the highway. But if you use at least two ropes or cables, and tie them tight, you can feel pretty secure the item will stay there. In this case with the trundle bed frame, we first thought of standing it up straight, but the bars on each side of the truck where we could tie the ropes, were too low to accommodate that. The bed frame was much more secure by resting it horizontally across the platform.

But what do you do when the 12″ platform is not enough accommodate the multiple excess pieces you need on load? In the next picture below, the movers PULLED OUT THE RAMP a couple feet so there were about three feet of “platform” beyond the normal 24′ of truck cargo space.

"I Hope It Doesn't Rain"

“I Hope It Doesn’t Rain”

However this technique really must be included in the “Don’t try this at home” category, because of the following risks:

1) You certainly cannot drive very far like this. The items in this case are mattresses and box-springs which are very vulnerable to rain!
2) It would be pushing the patience of a police officer who might drive by.

But it can save having to make a second trip. I have to say I would have been more comfortable with another couple straps tied across horizontally. But the items got there safely . . . This is definitely Extreme Truck Packing!

Why You Should Not Load Cleaning Supplies Into the Moving Truck

September 24, 2013



As a Moving Worker, it is not pleasant to work inside a truck FILLED WITH BLEACH FUMES!

And if you were the customer being moved, how would you feel if that spilled bleach soiled, say, your $3000 red leather sofa?!


THE first and main principle is you CANNOT LOAD CLEANING SUPPLIES INTO THE MOVING TRUCK! Boxes are meant to be Stacked! A bottle of bleach within a stacked box within a packed truck of household goods, is–wait for the cliche–a very nasty “accident waiting to happen!” In the pictures above, the customer placed the bleach bottle in the box WITHOUT A CAP(!) or with a loose cap. {You can see how that can happen. The person is rushing to finish the packing before the Movers get there, and “Oh, I forgot the moving supplies!”}

Really the only way to move the cleaning supplies is in your car, preferably in an open plastic crate sitting sitting on the floor in front of the front passenger seat, so you can watch it. CHECK AND TIGHTEN THE BOTTLE LIDS!

Moving a Customer to Missoula, Montana

May 6, 2013


This high-roof van with 10 feet cargo space behind the seats, holds about 2000 lbs of household goods, including the moving equipment. Fortunately this load only had about 1600 pounds and we had room to spare!

But the most critical part of this eight-day moving project was getting all the items in the small van. My original survey indicated this load was “pushing” 2000 pounds. There was a huge cost and comfort savings to going with this NV2500 van rather than the next bigger van–a 15 foot box truck. So I had the backup plan of shipping by UPS or DHL if had been two or three final items which would not fit in the NV2500.





SD 2

SD 3 SNOW IN SOUTH DAKOTA! I did this trip in late April 2013. A month before, in March, the customer said there was snow in Missoula, MT that week, but that by the time I got there in late April there was sure not to be snow. In no way did I prepare for snow! I brought a couple light fleece jackets and one heavier jacket, and some light gloves, but didn’t even have a hat, and had no real serious snow wear. When I was near Omaha, Nebraska, I stopped for lunch, and checked my iPhone for weather reports on the area ahead–which was Sioux Falls, South Dakota. On the “Weather Channel” Ap, there was an exclamation mark for Sioux Falls, SD, warning of severe weather. In Atlanta, where I live, a “severe weather” warning might warn of possible tornadoes 75 miles north, or floods 50 miles south. But this warning for Sioux Falls, SD, said “Six Inches of Snow Expected, and Record Lows of 10 degrees! I quickly looked at the map and checked the weather predictions for going on a more southward path through Nebraska rather than South Dakota. The weather predicted in Nebraska was just as bad, and I really wanted to drive through South Dakota.

I grew up in Southern California, and when I saw snow it was because we were going on a special trip to SEE SNOW(!) either to go skiing or just look at the beautiful snowy mountains. When we started driving in the morning, there was no snow on the ground, and there was snow at the ski area, and no snow again as we drove back. On this Montana trip, I DROVE FOR A DAY AND A HALF WITH SNOW ON THE GROUND! — all the way through South Dakota.

SD Road


Fred's Mesquite Grill in Butte, MT SITTING AT THE BAR AT “FRED’S MESQUITE GRILL” IN BUTTE, MONTANA: I had Halibut, Veggies, Tiramisu, an Newcastle Beer. I usually drink wine at dinner rather than beer, but I had two hours of driving ahead of me that night, to get to Missoula, and beer makes me a little less intoxicated.

Last Stretch Road to Missoula










Guest Post By Rony Mikal–“Advantages of De-Cluttering”

August 16, 2012

Moving to another location involves packing, unpacking and de-cluttering your home. While moving to a new location, at times you feel that your home is beginning to appear like a hurricane has passed through. The mess in your home can make you feel stressed out. You need not fret, as there are easy solutions to get rid of all the mess. You can work for half an hour daily to clean up mess at home to avoid being stressed out.

At the beginning you may find the de-cluttering job to be redundant and pointless. However, after getting to know the various benefits of de-cluttering, you will either enjoy the job or take up the job forcefully depending on your mood.

De-cluttering is vital, particularly when you plan to sell your home. People keen on purchasing your home generally look for more space and de-cluttering ensures that it looks organized. Too many items placed haphazardly in your home create an impression of a stuffy place in the mind of potential buyers. It is therefore imperative to de-clutter your home to make it appear spacious and boost its sales value. A little bit of hard work is all that is needed to create a good impression about your home to the buyers. This will help you fetch a good deal when selling your home. Besides improving the sales value of your home, de-cluttering has several other benefits:

• Having a peaceful mind through a tranquil environment is the major benefit of de-cluttering your home. By discarding unwanted items or placing them with secure removal and storage companies, more space is created at home, which will allow you have peace of mind.
• De-cluttering allows you to easily manage space and does not consume much of your time. Sorting out things from an entire mess consumes a whole lot of time. However, you can save time if you have lesser items at home.
• De-cluttering allows easy accessibility to items and storing them tidily becomes a lot easier.
• De-cluttering home helps you focus on more important things, particularly if you set up a home office; it becomes vital to de clutter the area by removing unnecessary objects.
• De cluttering is beneficial; as it helps you avoid making duplicate purchases.
• At times you think you have run out of something and go to a nearby shop to purchase the item. However, after returning you discover that you already have the items, but were unable to find them due to the mess at home. If items are properly arranged and well organized, you can avoid buying duplicate items. The money used to buy duplicate items can be spent elsewhere.

Keep your home free of clutter and have an enjoyable time with family, friends by inviting them over the weekends.

AUTHOR BIO: Rony Mikal is a blogger and author of books primarily focusing on storage and self storage related topics. He is an avid traveler and loves spending quality time with family. Besides blogging, Rony is a great cook and a good dancer. Londoners greatly admire John for his brilliant work on storage and relocation. Here the
Primary focus is on Household Removals and Storage

Ramp for Stair Steps

August 16, 2012


Just a couple stair steps into and out of a house, can really throw off your rhythm or even result in damages or injury. How much easier it is when you have a ramp like this to take out the steps!

In the last month we have comfortably rolled two large studio pianos over this ramp which would have been a b**** to move one step at a time. It is also much easier and quicker to roll–say 200 boxes–up and down this ramp, than to negotiate stair steps each time.

The downside to this ramp is it is rather large and bulky to be truly “portable.” I’m going to check out the lighter “Stair Step Ramps” that you see on the interstate tractor trailers.

An excellent place by the way–to purchase either kind of ramp is at N & N Moving Supplies

Moving A Customer From Chattanooga to the “Ice House Lofts” in Decatur, GA

May 29, 2012


In the picture above, if you zoom in on the third floor of the stairway, you can see the excellent workers, Dee Shepard and Ricky Jackson, carrying a large piece around the bend.

This picture below shows the truck backed down a sidewalk, for loading. at the Hayden Place Apartments in Chattanooga, TN. The customer was moving from a 3rd floor walkup in Chattanooga, TN to a 5th floor loft with elevator in the “Ice House Lofts” in Decatur, GA.




On the two arched bar handles, you see quilted pad covers. They are a new addition and very helpful at preventing door scratch claims. Without the pads, the steel bar handles are out in the open, and when the cart is pushed through a doorway, the bars can collide with and scratch the wood door.

The View From the Customer’s 5th Floor Ice House Loft About 6:30pm in the Evening, Looking West. The Metal Building Below is The “Sycamore Art Gallery”>;;;;;/strong>;;;;;

Viewing the Ice House at a distance from the West (Looking East) from a dirt road just west of Fellini’s Pizza. You can see the Fellini’s Pizza sign to the left, and part of the restaurant building to the right. Fellini’s Pizza, by the way, in in old Greyhound Bus Station Building. The Greyhound sign is still on the wall above the pizza ovens. The brick Ice House complex is in the background.


Viewing the “Ice House” from the front


The view from a 4th floor balcony looking southeast.

A “Tight Tier”

May 24, 2012


Really the only way to pack a truck for a residential move is in “Tiers.” Tiers preferably approach being flat and go from side to side in the truck. In this Tier, a dresser is the main “Base.” Heavy, flat-top objects are the best kind of “Base,” and you cannot do much better than that than with a large dresser!

Above the dresser are packed five “Levels” for a total of six Levels. These Levels include boxes, suitcases, and a chair.

A quilted pad lays in front of the tier, because a mattress is going to be stood up against the Tier. The mattress will constitute Level 1 of the next Tier as the truck is packed Tier after Tier towards the back of the truck.

Are Chinese Tire Chalks A Safety Hazard to the Moving Industry

April 5, 2012


Recently in the moving industry, a parked moving truck got away and rolled down the hill into a house.  Fortunately no one was hurt, but it was close!

The newspaper article said the moving workers said the truck was chalked, but the tire chalk “broke.”  This sounds suspicious except that I’ve seen tire chalks that are supposed to be rated for a box-style moving truck, but seem to bend under the weight of the truck.

The picture above is the type most commonly used on 20′ to 26′ moving trucks (trucks having a “gross vehicle weight” of under 26,000 lbs)  I’ve used this type of chalk for 19 years without incident, but 19 years ago they were usually American-made.  And now they are all Chinese-made. A  few months ago, we were trying to park the truck on a relatively sharp street in the the Oakhurst neighborhood of Decatur, GA.  The worker placed the chalk in front of the back tire, and the truck SMASHED THE CHALK FLAT, and rolled over it.  I was in the driver’s seat at the time, so I just stepped on the brakes.  The worker had to scramble to find a big enough rock nearby to do the job the chalk was supposed to do.

On Sunday we were unloading at a house in Alpharetta, GA.  The driveway had an incline, but less than the street in Oakhurst.  The picture below is of the the chalk on the tire in that driveway.  It held, but it seemed to “bend” the chalk (we also used a big rock on the other back tire)  With previous chalks of this type, the black rubber triangle would keep its shape and hold solid.


Are the Chinese practicing “Value Engineering” in the manufacture of these tire chalks?  That is, are they “engineering out” value, or this case the density in the rubber–Less dense rubber chalk equals less cost.

The owner of the Moving Supply warehouse where we buy these chalks is checking into it.  I wonder if we will have to go to using the heavy metal tire chalks like the Fire Departments use below?


Grandfather Clock Uncovered

April 2, 2012



Grandfather Clock Covered with Quilted Pads and then Flat Picture Cartons, and then Strapped Against the Wall of the Truck


Guest Post by Shreya of Aussie Removals London, Titled “How Can Residential Moving Be Made Easy”

March 28, 2012

This Guest Post includes a topic I have not yet covered in this Blog, “Moving Pets.” Notice the idea of making sure your pet’s microchip (in their collar?) is up-to-date with their contact and medical details, especially during an international move. Concerning the picture below, Do not put your dog in a box!


How Can Residential Moving Be Made Easy

Many people feel that relocation is a difficult task and requires extra effort and time. Moving to a new place with all household items is not something that can be done within a day. That is why, it can get you really bored and exhausted. But it is not always like that. Residential relocation can be simplified with the right guidance and organizing skills. Therefore, most people hire professional movers and packers who would carry out the entire process in a less complicated way. Trust me, this process can be made fun only if you know want it.

Professional assistance will take that load of your shoulders!

Expert movers and packers have hands-on experience in the relocation process. They are aware of all the do’s and don’ts of home or office relocation. They provide comprehensive solutions to all relocation hassles. I mean, who does not want to make packing a smooth and enjoyable affair? Professional movers and packers offer you a range of solutions, keeping in mind your monetary constraints. Moving companies offer various services like, packing, loading, unpacking, insurance and legal documentation.

Residential relocation with pets:

Relocation can be made challenging when it comes to transporting pets. There is a lot of noise, chaos and confusion in the house which often leaves the pet bewildered. If you are travelling in your personal vehicle , then pets can be taken along. But, if its overseas relocation, pets have to be shipped by air or water. Do not transport pets in removal lorries or goods trucks. Pets often face health problems on long journeys. It is best to make them as comfortable as human beings while relocating. Keep the belongings of your pet in a bag and carry it instead of leaving it in the removal lorry.

Keep the medical records of your pet just in case……….

When it comes to relocation, your pet can get lost if there is no proper care taken. Make sure that you keep the medical records and microchip details of your pet in case it gets lost. All the veterinary reports should be kept and quarantine arrangements ensured as it may be a requirement in the new country.

Residential relocation can be fun!!
If you have a busy life and fail to devote time to family ,then this is a great opportunity to spend quality time with family. You can get kids engaged in the task as well. They just need to be encouraged and sometimes you can bribe them with a movie or dinner! Both children and adults have can help each other in cleaning up and arranging duties. With pets, kids or other things residential relocation is always trouble-free with <a href=”” Title = “Removals London”><b>Removals London</b></a>.


Author Bio:

Shreya loves traveling to different countries and unexplored parts of the world. She loves writing articles on a wide range of topics like traveling, relocation, shipping, technology, and trekking. She loves blogging as it helps her in voicing her opinions about the things that she is interested in.


Company Info:

Aussie Removals Company London ! We provide a comprehensive house and office removal services in London area designed to ensure your move takes place smoothly and quickly. Call for Removals in London: 020 3405 2000. For more information visit us at:



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